Physical Therapy Details

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a field of science concerned with the ability and quality of motor skills or large motor activities related to movement. The patient referred to physical therapy may be disabled or delayed by illness, accident, birth defect or complications. This may result in the patient having abnormal muscle tone, impaired balance, decreased functional movement, weakness, or poor coordination. A Physical Therapist’s (PT) role includes examination, evaluation, and interventions toward achieving the highest functional outcomes for each patient/client. Patient may attend therapy for 1-2 sessions or continue on for many months depending on their age and level of disability. A treatment plan is developed which includes a home program for the patient/family/caregiver to carry out at home.

Proactive Health Corp Pediatric Physical Therapy

Proactive specializes in physical therapy services that help infants and children develop independence and safety allowing them to participate in their own environments including home, school and community settings. At Proactive, our pediatric physical therapists work to develop the motor skills of children to make them independent at a higher level including:

Our licensed pediatric physical therapists use their passion for helping children to examine, evaluate and develop an individualized program to increase the child’s motor skills. These programs usually integrate various treatment approaches into entertaining “play” therapy techniques that enhance the child’s capabilities. These services are done with or without assistive movement devices (crutches, wheelchair, etc). Our PTs strive to help each child reach the maximum potential of their abilities.

Are your Child enrolled in our Center?

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